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Presentation skills training: Learn the expert secrets of effective presentation skills easily and quickly. Transform your presentations into clear, memorable messages whatever your experience.

But, don't tell everyone or they'll all want to know.


Presentation skills training helps you:

Take that next career advancing professional step.

Decide to stand out from the crowd.

Say goodbye to the fear and frustration of upcoming presentations.

Hear audiences congratulate you on your clear, powerful and compelling messages.

Find a presentation skills learning option that suits you

 Highly participative in-house presentation skills

training workshops

Build skills, and grow confidence. Practice and get audience and expert feedback.

Virtual Workshops

Save time and money. Reduce time away from the office and the need to travel. Ideal for small groups who are geographically spread. Quick and convenient. Sessions can be broken down into short sessions to fit in with busy schedules.

 online course - self development

Learn business presentation skills anytime, anyplace at your own pace and convenience. This highly time efficient self study option provides a video based learning experience with active tutor and fellow student support.

Live online presentation coaching

Get 1:1 training and support in a virtual classroom setting or, if need be, face to face.

Presentation Skills Bootcamp

Why not try a blended solution using online training for the key knowledge acquisition followed by a virtual or real world workshop to really hone your presentation skills.

Who needs presentation skills training?

We all have ideas we want to share and it can be frustrating and stressful when we are not sure of the best way to get our ideas heard.

  • Perhaps you are a manager who has to regularly give business presentations to clients, or provide project updates to colleagues.
  • You might be a small business owner seeking to get the message out about the benefits of your product or service
  • Maybe you have a passion or hobby that you want to get others involved in
  • It might be that you simply wish to develop your presentation and communication skills

Does the thought of speaking in public leave you cold?

You are not alone. Mark Twain summed it up nicely when he said "there are two types of presenters, those who are nervous and liars"

It's O.K. to be nervous and with expert help and guidance you can learn to build your confidence, successfully manage those nerves and turn them to your advantage.

How convinced are you your audience get's your message?

My favourite quotation is from George Bernard Shaw who said:

"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place".

This is a great quote that really hits the nail on the head - and this was before the age of the death by Powerpoint presentation.

We have all sat through painfully dull presentations that are loaded with statistics, data, charts, graphs and tables. The chances of us remembering what the presenter said is low. (sometimes - that can also be the case for the presenter :-) Unfortunately, the presenter is frequently blissfully unaware of just how ineffective their presentation has been. They have accidentally sent a completely different set of messages to their audience than they had intended - assuming they were clear on their messages in the first place.

Do I need to be an expert to present effectively?

No, not really. Focusing on the needs of your audience and keeping things simple is a great starting point. But what next?

It is frightening just how many presenters believe they can 'wing it' on the day. This is a very high risk strategy, even for a short presentation and an experienced presenter. Effective public speaking typically requires a bit more thought than that.

It sometimes seems that the majority of presenters prepare their presentation and populate their slide package, but arrive in front of their audience either reading their notes or using Powerpoint as their autocue.

Either way, at best, they have probably bored their audience and left them feeling that they could have used their precious time much more wisely. The chances are that their messages will not be remembered, assuming they have been heard in the first place.

Looking for information and presentation ideas?

Then use the keep in touch request, an RSS feed or bookmark us, and visit regularly to check out the available ideas and tips as the resource grows.

Looking for direct help?

You may have a presentation partially prepared and would like a quick appraisal of the content and visuals along with some feedback on potential improvement ideas - You may wish to have 1:1 coaching for a specific presentation or simply to develop your skills ready for next time. I can provide this either live online or face to face - You may be looking to develop the presentation skills of your management team and are seeking workshops, seminars, conference breakouts or lecture style events

Whatever your needs, I provide flexible and effective solutions for individuals, managers and businesses who are looking to transform their speaking and presenting skills.

It's the start that stops most people, so what is your next step?

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