Give effective presentations and get your key messages received and understood.

Being able to give effective presentations is an important business skill. It is vital to be able to clearly and convincingly communicate your ideas to others. In fact, it has always mattered.

They say 'great minds think alike'. In the world of inventions it is quite common for more than one person to be working on a similar solution to a problem at the same time, often without knowledge of each other.

Have you ever found yourself listening to a manager or colleague presenting their case and said to yourself 'I had that idea as well'?

Effective presentations matter.

History is littered with inventors who may well have been the first to come up with the idea, but who are not necessarily credited with the invention. A good example of this is the miners safety lamp - often known as the Davy lamp. There was a dispute between Davy and George Stephenson (the other inventor) which Davy effectively won. The contest was considered uneven as Stephenson lacked the notoriety and speaking abilities of Davy.

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The people we tend to know as the inventor or creator of an idea is often the person with the best communication skills; the person most able to deliver effective presentations to potential investors and backers; the person most able to persuade and influence their audience about the benefits of their invention.

Ensure you make effective presentations to support your ideas.

Learn how to present clearly and confidently. There will be opportunities to prepare presentations, practice presenting, receive feedback and to develop an appropriate presentation style that will work for you. You will learn how to use your body language, vary your vocal style, connect with your audience, and structure your presentation and supporting visuals to align with your presentation purpose.

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Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Design a presentation to meet a purpose
  • Manage presentation nerves and present clearly with confidence
  • Engage with an audience to persuade, influence or inform
  • Create and maintain audience interest and attention
  • Develop clear visual aids and memorable messages
  • Simplify complex information for an audience

Workshop content

Establishing the foundations

  • Know the purpose of your presentation and your presentation goals
  • Developing a storyboard and structure

You, the presenter

  • Building confidence and managing nerves
  • Powerful posture and purposeful movement
  • Using stories and examples
  • Prompts, notes or more?
  • Dealing with questions
  • Handling difficult situations

Developing your presentation

  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Creating audience interest and attention
  • What your audience is thinking - avoiding journeys of self discovery
  • Designing and using simple visual aids
  • Simplifying complex information

Workshop style

  • Trainer input on key strategies and techniques
  • Trainer and peer feedback
  • Practical exercises and multiple practice presentations
  • Opportunity for video capture for reflection and learning

The ability to communicate clear simple messages is a critical business skill. Banish the death by power point that infects so many business presentations and stand out from the crowd. When you make effective presentations and really engage with your audience people take notice. 

Communicate clear, effective messages
What would that do for your business? 


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