Effective public speaking: Keeping it real

I recently found this great effective public speaking parody on YouTube called 'Every Presentation ever'. It is almost impossible  to watch this and avoid thinking either:

I've sat in this actual presentation many times


I've done that (possibly many times).

Effective public speaking is something that many people are uncomfortable with. To compensate for their nerves they attempt to build into their presentation a range of tricks and presentation ideas that they believe will make them look good. In reality, they frequently have the effects on the audience that is making us either smile or cringe in this clip.

Strong presenters have high levels of authenticity. What does that really mean?  It means they recognise that it is far more important to be open and sincere than it is to appear clever and articulate. You are a real person, and the only one who can be that person is you. Your audience will also be full of real people. Be yourself and focus your attention on helping your audience receive and understand your key messages and you can't go too far wrong.

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