Presentation coaching to transform your presentation skills

Presentation coaching - why do I need it?

Why presentation coaching? Successful people know how important it is to be able to clearly and convincingly communicate their ideas to others. Having the confidence, the knowledge and the key strategies necessary to be able to persuade, influence or inform your audience in line with the purpose of your presentation is critical.

When asked, many people place the fear of public speaking in their top three fears, yet strong communication skills are frequently a feature of highly successful people. 


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You only have to attend a meeting or network event where people are asked to introduce themselves to witness this first hand. You might also be surprised that the fear of being bored to death in a business presentation doesn't appear in these lists, as this is an experience many of us have had regularly in business meetings.

Many of us are accidental presenters - its not what we want to do but it is important to do it well to be successful.

If you would like to:

  • be confident in your ability to present
  • know how to manage and use presentation nerves
  • plan your presentations and your message for impact
  • know how to engage your audience
  • get your key messages received and understood
  • practice your presentation and get tips, advice and feedback

Presentation coaching: It's never been easier

Great value guaranteed coaching solutions

for you

We are so confident you, or your people, will benefit from our coaching that we will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied. Take a look now.

Whether you want to:

  • have a short discussion about your intended presentation and pick up quick hints and tips
  • work on the structure and format of your presentation
  • practice and hone your personal delivery style
  • Learn how to manage nerves and build confidence
  • learn key business presentation principles
  • review your posture and movement
  • work on vocal techniques
  • develop clear simple visuals
  • open and close your presentation with impact 

it has never been easier to have an experienced presenter by your side as you prepare, practice and develop your presentation skills.

Connecting online, via professional training software, you can work 'live' with an experienced presentation coach and get personal support and feedback without leaving your home or office. All you need is a webcam, microphone and your presentation. We will agree a suitable time to connect.

How much will this cost?

 30 minute coaching session              £30.00

 60 minute coaching session              £45.00

(Prices include VAT if applicable UK)


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Alternatively contact me to find out about other ways I can help develop your presentation skills.

Too many presenters rely on power point, or equivalent software, to make their presentation for them. They tend to plan poorly, and pay little attention to the needs of their audience. Slides contain far too much text and where attempts are made to include graphics, they are frequently complex and confusing. Many presenters simply choose to use their slides as their personal auto cue. The slides exist purely for the benefit of the presenter to remind them of their current point and what is coming next.

It doesn't need to be this way. Presentation coaching will help you apply clear, practical, simple tools and techniques that will transform the effectiveness of your presentations. It has never been easier to have an experienced presenter by your side as you prepare, practice and develop your presentation skills.

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How to be an engaging presenter

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