Presentation Ideas: 4 Step Approach to engage your audience

Here is a video introducing my simple 4 step approach to becoming an engaging presenter.

The video introduces a simple equation:

Preparation + Authenticity + Storytelling + Simplicity


Be careful - simple does not mean easy. This is a really challenging equation. Think of how many presentations you have attended, in business or otherwise, where:

  • The presenter was 'winging it' because they knew their subject so well
  • The presenter was so focused on technique and 'looking good' that they came across more like a snake oil salesman and you found it hard to buy into what they were saying
  • You were bombarded with facts and data and expected to work out the meaning yourself.
  • There were hundreds of slides packed with tables and graphs and other supposedly essential information.

Typically it is much easier to remember how the presenter made us feel than it is to recall what they actually presented. 

As the site grows, you will find lots of presentation ideas and tips, for each of the 4 steps, that will help you get your key messages received and understood.

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