Online training course: Business Presentation Skills Made Easy.

Build confidence and success

Online training course develops great presentation skills: Anytime, Anyplace on almost any device.

Why invest in this online training course?

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of speaking in public? Do you have sleepless nights before doing a project update or team     briefing? Is your presentation ability holding you back?

Do you want to feel confident preparing and giving presentations? Do you want to be the 'go to' person when a message needs to be communicated clearly and effectively?

This online training course enables you to build your skills, grow in confidence and take that next career step.

Lifetime access to 47 lectures, quizzes and downloadable materials

2.5+ hours of high quality content 

Expert Trainer and fellow student support community

Feel confident in your presentation skills quickly and easily.

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Even though I thought I was quite a good presenter I wish I had had this material when I was doing it for a living.

Peter Webster - Business trainer & author

I found this course to be a really useful tool that has helped me gain confidence in my own ability to give presentations.  I would highly recommend this online training course to anyone who gives presentations, and who wants to stand out as an engaging and confident presenter.

Carla Senior - Course Student

Richard, I tip my virtual hat to you! This course has been absolutely fantastic. It's provided more helpful, hints, tips & strategies than I can poke a rather long stick at. For anyone that does presenting regardless of your experience - This course really does nail it! It's clear, concise and to the point. It's definitely one of those courses, the more you watch and re-watch the more value and benefit you'll gain. Well done!

James Cooke - LinkedIn Consultant

Learn with a professional, experienced, expert trainer when you want, where you want and however often you want.

Participate fully by joining discussions and asking questions of your trainer and fellow students.

Who will benefit from taking this online training, presentation skills course?

Most people, whatever their experience.

You may be a manager who has to regularly give presentations as part of your job role

You may simply want to get your ideas heard and accepted

You may have a hobby or passion you wish to be able to share

You may want to build your presentation skills as part of your personal development

View the video to hear more about the course:

In this online training learn clear, straightforward, practical strategies to get your ideas heard and your key messages received and understood.

Most people want to be a presenter who feels confident, looks confident, sounds confident and delivers clear, simple, memorable messages. This course gives you the tools and techniques to be that presenter through expert practical tips and advice that you can instantly apply, each and every time.

This course is just for you. It is like having access to your own personal presentation skills coach just when you need it.

It doesn't matter whether you give business or personal presentations, or simply want to feel more confident in your ability to present clearly and effectively. This training course has something for you.

  • be able to present clearly and effectively with confidence
  • know how to connect with your audience to persuade, influence or inform
  • learn how to focus your content on your key messages
  • be able to create and maintain audience interest and attention
  • learn how to simplify complex information for an audience
  • be able to develop clear messages and supporting visuals
  • Know how to grab audience attention right from the start

Start Learning now! 

If you would like to combine the online course with a virtual classroom session check out the presentation bootcamp by clicking on the image.