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Highly interactive and participative workshops providing clear, practical presentation skills, tools and tips you can use straight away. 

Presentation skills: How you your managers and employees develop theirs?  How effective is your in-company presentation training?

How often are your people asked to present their ideas, project updates, performance metrics or other key business information?

In any business, the ability to be able to clearly and convincingly communicate your ideas to others is a critical skill. This  highly participative workshop will provide the confidence, the knowledge and the key strategies necessary to be able to persuade, influence or inform an audience in line with the purpose of the presentation.

Explore the benefits of in-company presentation training workshops

Learn the secrets great communicators use to get their ideas heard and accepted.

In company presentation training provides a great opportunity to strengthen the presentation and communication skills in your business. In our experience, a two day workshop for up to eight people has the most impact. It means that we can really explore the current practices of the group and provide plenty of high impact, high learning, inputs, activities, practice and feedback.

The workshop content generally focuses on four key presentation areas:

Preparation - this aspect of our presentations is often cut to the absolute minimum. We live in a cut and paste world and that is perhaps the most common form of preparation we experience today. It is vital we prepare a clear message and focus points if our presentation is to be successful.

Simplicity - less is usually more in a presentation. Most of us are fantastic at over complicating our messages, for fear of leaving something out. We take an insurance based, cover all approach. The reality is frequently an audience that is confused about the message and probably bored as well. Not the best way to motivate and inspire people about your ideas, products or services.

Story-telling - every presentation is a story of one kind or another. Finding ways to use story-telling to connect with your audience and make your key messages real for them is what separates mundane presentations from highly effective ones. Story-telling moves people to action.

Authenticity - you don't have to be an actor to give a good presentation. It is actually important to be the real you for credibility. If your audience think you are acting it will come across as fake and they will feel uncomfortable and find it hard to trust your message. On the other hand, a presentation is a performance and you need to use some performance skills if you want your message heard and remembered. See the difference here.

It is easy to underestimate the importance of strong communication skills in all aspects of our lives. We take communication for granted because it feels like such an everyday occurrence. As a result, vast amounts of time is wasted attending presentations that are routine, run of the mill events that fail to make an impact or move people to action

It is estimated that 350 powerpoint presentations are started somewhere in the world every minute. Most business presentations need to get to the key points quickly and clearly. That is rarely the experience of the audience. Instead, they are swamped with data, graphs and bullet points. The key messages are buried under a sea of information. 

It doesn't need to be that way.

Use in-company presentation training to transform the skills of your people and see real benefits in your business.

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