Mastering Presentation Skills podcast interview reveals the secrets of great presentation

In 'Mastering Presentation Skills' Expert business and communications trainer Richard Lock talks presentation secrets and tips with The Six Minute Strategist John Colley.

Learn tips for mastering presentation skills and make a real difference to your public speaking opportunities

In the presentation podcast Richard reveals some of the fundamental principles he believes form the bedrock of strong presentation and communication skills.

  • The importance of keeping your audience focused on your key messages

  • What leads us to over complicate our presentations

  • The critical importance of keeping verbal and non verbal messages aligned

  • How to get the best from your Powerpoint (or other software based) slides

  • Why less is always more in public speaking

Few people relish the thought of standing up and speaking in public, and yet for many it is an important part of their work role. Certainly, the further your career progresses, the greater the chances that being able to share and promote your ideas in front of others, in a way that engages them and compels them to action, will become a key part of your role.

The Mastering Presentation Skills Podcast is based around an online course Richard has published called 'Great Presentation Made Easy'. This is available via the Udemy platform and you can obtain a 70% discount by clicking HERE.

Richard has also published an online course called Ask Better Questions Build Better Relationships. Questioning is one of the critical communication skills to develop if you wish to understand people and situations more clearly.

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Communication skills: the secret to success

Most of us take the ability to communicate for granted. It is such a key part of our very existence that it is really easy to simply assume we know how to communicate and are doing it well. In reality, there are so many subtle and complex issues involved in effective communication that it can start to feel overwhelming. It is easy to see why we seem to have so many misunderstandings, things going wrong and disagreements and conflict.

It doesn't need to be that way. Nobody gets it right every time, but I do believe there is a correlation between highly successful people and their communication skills. Taking the time to pay attention to how messages are being sent and received. Often, the difference between an effective approach and a more problematic one is small, but the potential impact vast.

Take the time to hone your communication skills. It may well be one of the best investments you ever make.