Presentation checklist to provide focus for your presentation ideas

Use this simple presentation checklist to review your presentation ideas and ensure you know how to present to get your key messages received and understood.

Do you know the answer to these presentation questions:

  •        What is the purpose of your presentation?
  •        Who are your audience?
  •     What is in it for your audience?

In preparing your presentation have you:

  •        Written a key point summary
  •        Identified the 3 key points you really want your audience to remember
  •        Researched key facts or data
  •        Included opportunities to engage your audience
  •        Chosen your style – formal, relaxed, humorous
  •        Avoided the curse of knowledge – Remember less is more
  •        Developed a storyboard for a smooth  continuous flow 
  •        Removed jargon
  •        Planned your opening strategy to capture interest quickly
  •        Easy to read, key point notes?
  •        Planned how you will manage to finish on time having allowed time for questions
  •        Considered what possible questions you might be asked
  •        Practiced, practiced, practiced
  •        Delivered it to at least 2 others and got feedback before the actual presentation

When preparing your presentation visuals have you:

  •        Used big enough fonts?
  •     Used headlines instead of titles
  •      Ensured images are good resolution and suitably cropped
  •      Permission to use images 
  •      Emphasised key points with call outs and highlights or zooms
  •      Built visuals to support your key points
  •      Kept any media clips short

When presenting do you intend to:

  • Face your audience – give some attention to everyone in the room
  • Smile
  • Lean slightly forward on the balls of your toes
  • Speak smoothly – not too fast or too slow
  • Vocally emphasise key points with pace changes, volume changes and                                               appropriate modulation
  • Use open palm gestures
  • Stand tall
  • Empty your pockets
  • Move with purpose
  • Summarise your main key points
  • Listen carefully to questions and repeat to make sure everyone hears
  • Check that questions have been answered satisfactorily
  • Dress appropriately for the event
  • Avoid reading directly from notes or slides
  • Link your close to the purpose of your presentation

To help manage nerves ensure:

  •        Your self-talk is positive
  •     You are imagining the presentation going well
  •     You maintain eye contact with your audience
  •     You take 3 deep breaths
  •     You remember to keep breathing
  •     You gently bite your tongue if your mouth feels dry
  •     You look happy to be there
  •     You focus attention on your audience, rather than yourself
  •     You avoid  apologising for being nervous/new at this

After the presentation ask yourself:

  •     Are you still alive?
  •     Did you have fun?
  •     Do your audience now know your 3 key points? 
  •     Did you enjoy the positive feedback ?
  •     Have you reviewed the actual presentation against this checklist?
  •     Did you capture learning points for the next time?

Are your presentation skills holding you back?