Presentation ideas to tell a story with your presentation slides

Many people I work with find it difficult to come up with good presentation ideas that tell their story through their presentation slides. Often, they are presenting business information of one kind or another, usually containing lots of facts and figures.

Here is a really good example of how to do it well. The clip is from The Food Revolution and is a talk given by Andreas Eenfeldt MD at the Ancestral Health Synposium 2011.  For more information on Dr Eenfeldt visit

You can see the whole of Dr Eenfeldt's fascinating talk HERE

What a great way to bring data to life in your presentation slides. Everyone who see's this presentation surely receives and understands the key message. Dr Eenfeldt could have simply shown the statistics in a table format (I'm sure many presenters would have). Instead, he chose to capture attention and make the data an emotional, shocking and potentially unforgettable experience. 

It probably took some time to prepare the presentation slides in this way, but this is clearly also an example of how preparation pays off. It may not exactly follow the 10:20:30 rule, but it has real impact and is a good example of presentation ideas that get your key messages received and understood.

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