Presentation skills letting you down? What was the last engaging presentation or speech that you recall? Was it yours? Would you like others to say yours?

Great communication skills, and by association strong presentation skills, are traits shared by highly successful people. The ability to be able to clearly communicate your ideas and key messages is critical to business success. So why do most people present their business propositions in the same old way – “this is what we do, this is how we do it, here's a copy of my slides, any questions? (SILENCE)” …

You know the drill. Another pointless 'death by PowerPoint' experience.

One of the reasons is 'the curse of knowledge'. Typically we are presenting on subjects we know very well; projects or topics we have worked on for weeks/months/years. It is really easy to assume that:

  • what we know is obvious and requires little by way of explanation

  • we need to share as much detail with our audience as possible

A “great” presentation, pitch or speech is measured in the end not simply on the content, important though that is, but on the delivery and ultimately the impact. Having the presentation skills to deliver well planned, crystal clear, focused content in an engaging and memorable way counts.

Today your performances are often recorded, streamed live and distributed with ease.

In the past poor presentations could be easily forgotten. Now, performances are probably going to end up on your company website or a YouTube page, and possibly someone else's site.

Don't waste the opportunity. Hone your skills.

Speak in a way that others want to listen to

Look better than ever on that conference platform and make your next presentation really compelling.

Deliver something that really energises you, your audience and your business.

Feel confident in your ability to get your ideas heard and your key messages received and understood.

Sharpen up your communication skills.

If your presentation skills can WOW your audience - What's that worth to your business?

Speaking and Presenting help you craft the presentations you want to give and the speeches others will want to hear.

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