Learning in a virtual classroom saves time and money

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment.  The environment is web-based and accessed through a software-based platform. 

This learning approach provides many of the benefits of real world classrooms. Students are able to participate in real time tuition and activities. as the teacher and students are logged into the virtual learning environment at the same time.

What are the benefits of a virtual classroom?

  • Costs significantly less to deliver than traditional instructor led training
  • Reduces time away from the day job
  • Eliminates hotel and travel costs
  • Increases training reach and accessibility - the option to record sessions means the student can revisit their learning event anytime, anyplace
  • Suits a range of learner styles for getting the best learning and retention
  • Makes access to subject matter experts easier
  • People in an organisation can learn and collaborate with colleagues from around the world
  • Teams can share experiences, learn new skills and interact in a new environment

A virtual classroom can be used to hold lectures and tutorials online and can also be set up for online meeting rooms where students can work on a group task. Sessions can be customised to fit your requirements. This might mean a series of shorter one or two hour sessions, or fewer longer sessions of three or four hours at a time.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally you will have access to a webcam and a microphone. A headset can be an advantage as it stops the microphone relaying your voice coming out of your speakers causing an echo effect. You clearly need a computer of some description and a reasonable and reliable internet connection. Other than that, you need somewhere comfortable to sit where you will not be disturbed and can participate fully.

You will receive a link that allows you to access the session and at the agreed time you enter the environment and off we go.

Want to give it a try?

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